So I keep getting these awesome clients.


These clients that I enjoy spending time with them the night before their wedding while they get their facial from one of their bridesmaids.  Chatting about how the day is going to go tomorrow. About how cute their dogs are and how my dog would get along with their dog.  Spending time with all the ladies for a boudoir marathon on the bride’s bachelorette party isn’t a job, it’s a day out I happen to get paid for. We can talk about shoes, and our love of hot pink, our lives.  I am even friends with the mother of the bride and she sends me amazing shoes on facebook that I have to stop myself from buying.


And when I show up on their wedding day I am pushed to not only shoot amazing photographs for myself – but because it’s important to me because I care about these people.


Some might say I sometimes blur the line between friend and client. I say – I don’t see a problem with that. To take good portraits I feel like you need to care about who you are taking photographs of. And I allow myself to care about these people that I am blessed to say that I know.


Also, Erin and James have really cute dogs and like to party like rock stars, so it’s hard to.. you know, NOT like them.


For their wedding I got to bring Lia along, and she rocked it.  She makes crocs look good. Some of the below images are her’s. Thanks for being my partner in crime for the day, gurllllll.


Also, getting invited to hang out in the photobooth by the groom needs to happen more often.