Love is a funny thing. Sometimes one person loves the other more than the other. Sometimes the timing is off. Sometimes distance makes it fall apart. So many tiny, sometimes practically unnoticeable factors go into what make love succeed.

But sometimes, Love lines up. It takes it’s time, and it becomes something so strong nothing can stop it. Those little things fall away and it stands tall. The love becomes infectious of those around it. That’s when weddings like this happen. When everyone is looking up with nearly as much love as the two souls making vows to one another.

sanramon-countryclub-wedding1San Ramon Bridal photographsanramon-countryclub-wedding2sanramon-countryclub-wedding4sanramon-countryclub-wedding5sanramon-countryclub-wedding5sanramon-countryclub-wedding8Fine Art Wedding portrait by a Willow Tree in San Ramonsanramon-countryclub-wedding7sanramon-countryclub-wedding8

Thank you to Jesse for hanging out with me at this wedding. He’s great with a camera and with a magical light stick. And that beard. Some of the above photographs are his.