Every year we make new promises to ourselves. Huge goals to put pressure on us.

“I’m going to lose all that weight”

“I am going to get that new car”

“I am going to be better”

This year I am going to try something different.  While there are things I want to do this year… I want to choose this year to believe I am good enough right now. My work is good now. I am good enough right now. Yes, I want to get more healthy to run around at weddings and shoots. Yes, I always want my work to evolve and be better. Yes, I want to be able to write better (which is part of the reason why I don’t post on this blog much). But this year I am going to start it off with a different way of thinking.

I am good enough now.  I am not going to wait to do more personal work until I read up on more techniques. I am not going to wait until I fit into those smaller pants to go out and meet new people. I am not going to wait to have these fabulous writing skills to start writing. Because I am good enough now.  All the goals I want to work towards I am going to start doing them now.

Does this mean I don’t have any New Years resolutions?  Of course I do. However, I choose to change and be just a little better each day. Every day I want to change my habits that will eventually turn into those goals being achieved.  I am going to keep taking photos. I am going to take more photos this year than ever before. And I am going to love myself enough to give myself these things in my life that make me happy.

I started 2014 by doing what makes me happy – spending time with great people and photographing them.

It will only get better from here.