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I knew it from the start So my arms are open wide Your head is on my stomach No...We're not going to sleep Here we are On this 18th floor baclony... We're both flying away. So much love was radiating on this day. It made you forget about the sweltering heat of Tracy, California during June. Amy and Marcus love each other, their families, their friends,[...]

It's always a sweet treat when you are photographing a wedding that shouldn't have happened. I had a rare weekend off in June. Which was particularly odd because every year I basically say goodbye to weekend plans as I am shooting a wedding or session every single day of the month. I kept waiting for someone to book that day, but it never came. Then about a mont[...]

Old Sugar Mill Wedding I have this penchant for dirty, aged, old and broken things. I want things antique to a point where they are slightly decaying. I am just a weirdo like that I suppose. So when Kelli and Matt asked me to photograph their wedding at the Old Sugar Mill, I felt like my dreams collided. A beautiful bride and groom in an old, dirty Sugar Mill? Yes pl[...]