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I am not gonna fib, I learned photography through a Canon Powershot digital camera when I was 16 years old. It's how I learned to expose, compose, and make awesome. I never touched film because my highschool didn't offer such a program, because apparently photography wasn't important to them, and my family had already moved on to digital cameras at that point. I had s[...]

He was here, than he was gone.

To be honest, I feel like I am in a daze right now. I feel like I was writing this same message last Monday, with the passing of my Uncle Kenny Wayne. In the early morning of New Years Eve, I was woken up by my mother. During the night my cousin, Dusty had passed away.  We aren't sure what happened... just that his heart just stopped beating. I thought deaths happen[...]

Delays + Out of the office

2010 has been very difficult for my family and I. In April, I lost my Uncle Eddie from complications with Cancer in April.  Then, in the beginning of October, by Uncle David lost his battle with cancer.  Just six months between losing people who were not only family, but close family. All the family get togethers on holidays, and those dinners and get-togethers in bet[...]

So I confess, I am a bit slow on posting any personal blogs lately. I've been shooting and editing like a mad woman since March it seems. Lovely to keep busy, but I have neglected to share many awesome things that have happened for my photography the last few months. Fist up, TWO featured at the Brides Cafe.  If you are one of my future brides, be sure to check out t[...]