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Love requires taking a chance. Love requires not just putting your feet in the water, but to give yourself fully and just fall in.  Love requires letting go of the past to look to the big picture and the future. Love takes sacrifice and throwing your fears aside. The people I photograph worked for their love.  They are inspiring.  

As a working photographer, I sometimes forget one of the most important things to photograph : My own life. I spend so many hours lugging a camera around to document others... but forget to drag it around when enjoying the time with the people I love and care about. So I made it a goal during my camping trip on Memorial Day weekend at Lake Don Pedro to bring the camer[...]

One year ago.

I remember this day, one year ago.   I remember it all so clearly. I had a long night, so I must have only been in bed for two or three hours.  My mother came in with tears in her eyes and I popped right out of my sleep. She came in to tell me my cousin had died. I didn't understand. This must be some horrible nightmare. This can't be happening.  But this was r[...]