The view was pretty spectacular. That’s a given.
The bride was absolute beauty. With amazing heels I am still drooling over. Along with her makeup and hair taken care of by the ladies at The Makeup Dolls.
Add in the groom, Josh,  along with their family and friends, and you have a party. Let’s than add into the mix amazing DJ work by Storm Productions, who made sure everyone made their way to the bar for many shots, and than you get a pretty wild party.  The best receptions are when everyone is rocking out on the dance floor, so I can jump right in there too and get some fantastic and sometimes awkward shots.

I must have done something really amazing to deserve to have this job. I get to tell stories through my photographs, and have those photos be such an important part of someone’s life forever.

Cassie and Josh, thanks for being so awesome and letting me tell your story.

Once again, Thanks to Matt for coming along and rockin photos with me. Some of these are his. 🙂