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Adrienne + Jay [ wedding ] Love at the Thomas Fogarty Winery

February 12, 2014

Thomas Fogarty Winery Wedding

This Thomas Fogarty Winery wedding was featured over at Wedding Chicks. Marvel characters, bright design, and a beautiful vineyard made this wedding a joy to photograph.

colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding007colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding008colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding010colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding011colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding012colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding013colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding014colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding015colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding017colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding016colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding018colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding019colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding020colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding021colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding022colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding023colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding024colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding025colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding026colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding027colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding028colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding029colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding030colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding031colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding032colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding033Romantic wedding portrait in a classic Ford Thunderbird at the Thomas Fogarty Winerycolorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding035colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding036colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding038colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding039colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding040colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding041colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding042colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding043colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding044colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding045colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding046Thomas Fogarty Winery wedding by Dream a Little Dream eventsThomas Fogarty Winerycolorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding049colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding050colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding051colorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding052peek a boo back wedding gown at the Thomas Fogarty WineryThomas Fogarty Winery Reception dancecolorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding055Ford Thunderbird get away car at a wedding at the Thomas Fogarty Winery by Dream a Little Dream EventsCouple exiting to sparklers at their wedding at their wedding at the Thomas Fogarty Winerycolorful-thomas-fogarty-winery-wedding058


I always get excited when a graphic designer contacts me about photographing their wedding. First of all, it’s a fellow artist so I know that they appreciate beautiful things. Also, since they appreciate beautiful things I know that their wedding is going to look beautiful in a unique way.

My favorite part of Adrienne and Jay’s wedding? Playing a game of find the X-men characters 😉 My nerd was totally showing throughout the day each time there was a nerd reference. Just when I thought that all the nerdy tributes were gone, the groomsmen came out to the reception in Mario Karts made out of cardboard. I kind of wish I took one home to keep for myself. So awesome. I think I might have enjoyed that way too much I nearly forgot to take photos.

An amazing team came together for this wedding. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make Adrienne and Jay’s wedding such a beauty as they planned it all the way from Texas!

Coordinator : Dream a Little Dream Events
Caterer : Continental Caterers 
Florals : Events to Remember
DJ : Big Fun Disc Jockeys 
Musicians : Steel Jam 
Cake : Studio Cake 
Hair / Makeup : Artists by Sherrie Long 



Okay, this must make me a nerd, too: loving those Mario Karts! Haha. Looked like a fun wedding.

This is such a sweet wedding!! The last image with the car is awesome!

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