Sometimes photography shoots become extended trips. I had a blast out in Big Sur photographing this sweet, stylized Bachelorette camping trip. Since it’s a few hours drive, rather than just going for the day I figured it would be a great opportunity for some adventures and sight seeing. After all, who wants to go to Big Sur just to go strait back home? Blue waters, peaceful clouds… radiant light? Going strait hope was just not an option.

So I brought a friend. A friend who happens to be my best friend. A best friend that happens to have the same name as me. Yes, 2/3rd exactly the same name. This was an adventure of two Heather Elizabeths.

First stop was photographing the Bachelorette party, and then it was freedom to do whatever we wanted. We cruised around the coast in my Dodge Challenger with the windows down, stopping here and there for photographs of the superb views. The weather couldn’t be any better. Blue skies, the perfect heat, and it was on a weekday so no traffic anywhere. Just blasting some music with a best friend for a nice reality detox.

After exploring Big Sur, it was time to show the other Heather Elizabeth the Seventeen Mile Drive in Carmel. It took nearly a whole day after stopping at nearly ever stop just to put our feet in the sand here and there as well as get our Instagram on. (Which, if you are on IG we should totally be IG friends. You can find me here).

Sometimes in the rush of wedding season I forget to just take a few days to give my mind a break. Have social interaction with a close friend after days… weeks… hours working and editing. Get the pressure to do incredible work off my shoulders. Just create. Just laugh. Breathe. I come back from these trips feeling more excited than ever to create beautiful imagery for clients. It’s important in anything we do not to overwhelm ourselves.

It’s also important to get some time in with the BFF that has the same name as you. Something about being a tourist with you best friend is so incredibly fun.

Heather is also in the wedding industry. She is actually an incredibly talented Make-up and Hair artist working all over Northern California. If you are looking for someone for your make-up needs, be sure to check out her website and give her a call!

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