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Bethany + Jake [ engaged ]

June 7, 2012

Rather than thinking of some fancy location to photograph their engagement session, Bethany and Jake picked the most important place to them : Their neighborhood.  We were able to photograph the park that they volunteered to help build right across the street from their apartment in San Francisco. After that, we jumped in their car together and trucked around their area, seeing something awesome, jumping out, shooting, and then continuing our journey. Eventually, we made it as far as At&T Park,  then continued on and kept stopping for anything awesome we might see.

It didn’t even really feel like a photo session. More like hanging out with good friends I had known for awhile while i dragged my camera around.  Thank you so much to the both of them for not only showing me around their town, but welcoming me into their home as well. After shooting their engagement, I can’t wait to shoot their wedding coming up this year.


Inspiring and beautiful! Congratulations to the happy couple 🙂

what a genius idea with the chalk!!!! love it!

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