As many of you have read, 2010 was truly a difficult year for me personally.  In the 8 months since April, I lost four family members. My family has always been very tight-knit, so losing four of us in such a short amount of time was nothing less of heartbreaking. Watching not only four of us pass, but the rest of my family who I love grieve and deal with their heartbreak, unable to do anything,.  All I could offer was my love, the final photographs I took of these family members before their passing,  and the support that I could give.  My personal life aside from the deaths, went through other issues as well… making me very happy to say 2010 is gone.

I can honestly say that there wasn’t much happy about 2010 to happen to me.  That is except my clients and the weddings, and portrait sessions that they trusted me to photograph.

In 2010, I was able to travel to St.Louis to photograph an intimate wedding of a sweet couple. Had my photo booth photos included with everyone else’s because I was really a part of these weddings, not just a hired hand. Witnessed the love and happiness at a wedding where a young woman not only fought cancer, but beat it and was now getting married to the love of her life.  I was able to spend hours hanging out with my brides not only talking about their wedding, but just becoming friends.  I hung outside of my car driving across the Bay Bridge in order to get a shot of a classic belair taking a glory ride.  I photographed a wedding that was truly a room of love from around the world coming together for this beautiful couple.  Not only did I welcome my new cousin, Nolen, into the family, I was able to photograph his first portraits.  Two of my favorite musical groups (Agalloch, and Nick Cave with his band Grinderman) came to the Bay Area and I was able to photograph their shows, and have those photos appreciated by the band and their fans. I was so a part of all the weddings I photographed that pretty much all of my client’s wanted me to put down my equipment at the end of my coverage and party with them for the rest of the night.  I could go on and on about the amazing experiences I had this year.

I was published, featured on blogs, and finished the year off with an honorable mention on JuneBug Weddings for Best of the Best weddings.

It truly, wasn’t all bad. My saving grace this year was truly my clients, and the experiences I got to have thanks to them.

Thank you so much, truly.