Love makes you do things. Crazy, crazy things.

  • It makes you travel an ocean to celebrate your dedication to each other.
  • It makes you double check the flower decor hanging down the aisle because you know the other people will be paying attention to detail.
  • It makes you pick your outfit based on whether that other person will like it on your or not.
  • It makes you heart melt thinking of her when watching Jack asking Sally if he can take a seat next to her in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • It makes that silent, quiet moment in their arms at the end of the day your favorite moment of that day.
  • It makes you surprise that other person with a cable car ride just for the two of you to show you the sights of San Francisco together.
  • It makes you carry her heels when her feet are hurting.
  • It gives you the ability to know the precise time that a tear will come down her cheek so you can gently wipe it away.

Karen and Victoria traveled from their home together in England, and were married at the Swedenborgian church. Just them, the officiant, and myself with my camera. I even got to write my name down in the registry for attending their ceremony. They showed me how wonderful it can be when love happens with the right person. They showed me how one person can be totally perfect for another person. Love can make you do amazing, outrageous, sometimes stupid, and wonderful things.

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