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She calls me Auntie Heather

August 25, 2014

Time flies.

One moment you’re holding your baby brother in your arms. He’s so cute with those chubby cheeks and big blue eyes. And although you asked your mom to bring you home a baby sister, you love him anyway.

It seems like in a blink of an eye you’re finally holding that baby girl in your arms – but it’s his daughter. How did that happen? And how did I fall so deeply in love with this tiny little human who spits up on me? I guess it doesn’t matter how it happened – I am just so overjoyed to have this beautiful baby girl in my life.

I’ve been so busy with wedding season since she was born in May, that I never got a chance to share any of the images on my blog. I’ve been so excited to snap photos of here are all her little milestones… and cannot wait to photograph her as she grows. Even now I see her holding her little head up and I am planning on even more photographs being taken.

Erin came into the world and was held up in the ICU for some weak vitals before she could come out to see the world. It was a bit scary, but in the end she was a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Thanks to Nicole Monique Photography, I was able to use her newborn studio to take Erin’s first portraits as well as her first portrait with her parents.

She’s gone from a sleepy little baby in her parent’s arms to a wide eyed sweet girl looking around trying to figure out the world. She loves watching fans. She giggles when you make funny faces at her. She wakes herself up sometimes when she lets out a little baby fart. Every time I see her she fills my heart up with so much love and excitement to see what she is doing now.

Here’s a few pictures documenting the start of Erin Rene’s life. I am so very blessed.


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