Let me tell you about some beautiful people I met.

Within a week of talking to Ashley on the phone about her wedding, we were already set to sign up as well as shoot their engagement session that same day. I met up with her and Nick at my favorite place to meet people in San Francisco (mostly for it’s great parking), and we instantly clicked. We talked about the vision for the engagement session and saw we were totally on the same page. Since they lived in San Francisco, we wanted to capture the city’s life in their session without doing the stereotypical sights that scream “Hey look, I’m in San Francisco!”.

So we start shooting and it’s going pretty awesome. Finding beautiful light in the nooks and crannies of the town while we just drive around together (they even let me sit in the front seat because of my tall people problems).

We found this amazing spot in an alley way near North Beach and then something really awkward happened. 

The bottom of my shoe fell off. It fell off half way and started flopping around. And I kept shooting. Then… the whole thing fell off. How does that even happen? It definitely made for some laughter while I just tossed the sole of my shoe on the ground and continued shooting them. Could I ruin the romance anymore?

And then without a sign of annoyance, they both offered to take me to the drug store so we can pick up some super glue. So, with only one sole on my shoes, we went in got some snacks and some glue. Inside I must admit, I totally wanted to cry. How embarrassing is it your shoes randomly start falling apart? Your NEW shoes? But they were both so sweet I felt totally cool and at ease with them even though I was clearly having a terrible wardrobe malfunction day. They kept laughing through it and were actually impressed I was keeping my cool and running around shooting photographs while the sole of my shoe was just… gone.

We made it through the rest of the shoot and got some killer images on the beach at Land’s End. Such stunning images came from hiking around with my glued on shoe. I want to thank God for Krazy Glue, and for amazing couples that hire me that can find such humor as I do in awkward situations.

Even though upon getting out of their car at the end of the shoot my OTHER sole was falling off…. I think everything turned out pretty wonderful.

Don’t worry, I threw those shoes away. With a few obscenities while they were tossed in the garbage. 😉

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