Evergreen Lodge wedding in Yosemite with Kirstie Kelly wedding dressHand made DIY Wedding sign pointing to the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite Dead trees in Yosemite Bridesmaids opening their present from the bride at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite Creative bridal shoe shot of Nima heels Creative Bridal gown photograph at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding006 Emotional photo of mother of bride opening a gift from her daughterBride's mother adjusting her wedding gown in Yosemite Bride laughing as her earrings are put on by her bridesmaids before her weddingyosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding008 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding009 Creative photograph of a groomsman shaving before a wedding in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding011 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding012yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding015Groom waiting for his first look at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite Adorable photo of a bride excited to see her groom during their first look at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding018Romantic first look between bride and groom in Yosemite for their wedding yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding021 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding022 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding023 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding024 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding025DIY grey and yellow bridal party at Yosemite CA yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding027 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding028 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding029 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding030 Father walking his daughter down the aisle at a wedding in Yosemite, California Woodland DIY wedding in Yosemite Bride laughing during her wedding ceremony in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding034 Evergreen Lodge Ceremony site Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding036 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding037Father watching his daughter get married during a wedding ceremony at the Evergreen Lodgeyosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding045 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding039 Grey and Yellow wedding ceremony in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding041 Woodland wedding ceremony site at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding043 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding044yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding046 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding047 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding048 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding049 Romantic bride and groom portrait in Yosemite, California yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding051 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding052yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding053 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding055 Bride wearing a Kirstie Kelly dress at her wedding in Yosemite Kristie Kelly dress in Yosemite California yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding058 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding059 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding060 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding061 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding062 Bride and groom portrait in the burnt down ruins of Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding064 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding065 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding066yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding067yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding068 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding074yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding070 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding071 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding072yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding073Wedding Reception at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite Wedding Reception speeches at the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding077 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding078 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding079 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding080 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding081 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding082yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding083 Creative hand built DIY light LOVE sign at a wedding in Yosemite yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding085 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding086 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding087 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding088 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding089 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding090 yosemite-evergreen-lodge-wedding091

It’s a pretty awesome thing to second shoot for other wedding photographers. The community that all of us have together is a really great thing – it’s nice knowing you can help out other people as well as know you will have someone to back you up when you need them.  I was pretty stoked when I got the chance to second shoot for such a rad photographer like Logan Cole.  Not only was I getting to second shoot with such an inspirational talent, but I was able to get to shoot with him up in one of my favorite places – Yosemite.

Despite the tragic fires that hit Yosemite not to long before shooting up there, there was a beautiful sadness to the surrounding areas of the Evergreen Lodge where the wedding was taking place. The drive up to the Lodge it was haunting to see the endless hills of burned tree and ash. Then once I got up to the lodge, it seemed like the green sprouted back up. The lodge had somehow been protected from the fires and made it possible for the wedding to still take place.

Another thing that is wonderful about second shooting is a chance to just relax and immerse myself into the photography. As well as experiment with different techniques and post processing on the end of the creative process of photography.  With most photographers, we all share the same struggle of trying to get a post processing look that we really enjoy. So it takes a lot of experimenting with sessions and weddings to be able to get a look that you really love and speaks true to your vision.  I’ve been tinkering with VSCO‘s new presents that were just released, and with a nice little mix of the new settings and my Alien skin Exposure that I have loved for years, I think I am pretty happy with my end result looking like what I have wanted it to look like for years.  At least for now. And by now I mean probably by the next shoot I do I will be tinkering again 😉

I was missing the beautiful smell of the redwoods the second I got back down out of the mountains.  There’s something special about being up in the mountains, no cell reception, and just being a part of the nature that is Yosemite.

Once again, Thank you so much to Logan Cole for taking me along on this little adventure. I am sure your clients were amazed with the final product you delivered.