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A beautiful disconnect

December 30, 2013



There’s these moments I look forward to finding in my work. That disconnect. That moment that the subjects I am photographing have simply let go of the crazy, insane world around us. Not just the wedding, but just this chaos we call life. It’s a beautiful chaos, but is still chaos indeed.

But that disconnect I catch seems to silence it all. While I am not a noticed part of this little quiet place, I feel the world quiet around me as well.  Then I watch, and I observe. I observe two people letting all of each other go into the other person. Letting go peacefully, and willingly. Even the lights and sounds seem to dim around that moment… just for them. Everything else in the world becomes an echo. Nothing more than a tiny echo in the background of the moment that is happening between them.

I photograph the joys. The noise. The laughs. The really, horribly awkward. But sometimes I just can’t wait to see that beautiful disconnect happen…

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