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Julia and Taylor | Come and get your Love

I remember the day that Julia and I first chatted on the phone about her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Taylor.  In the first ten minutes, I felt like this woman could have been a lifelong friend. We shared the same sense of humor, the same love of laughing and the same view on weddings. She wanted to find a storyteller for her day, rather than someone who would conduct a photo shoot.

I guess she called the right girl because I am all about telling a story. 

George Strait was playing in the hotel room while the guys did their last final touches on their dapper look, drank beer and ate some pizza. The laughter and jokes made me feel right at home. These were definitely people that I could be myself around. The same feeling flooded through me when I met up with the girls in a Palo Alto AirBnb. Julia had all of her ladies come with her from England to be there for her wedding day. Taylor was from the United States and while he had been living in London for years with Julia, he made sure to keep up with his connections with all of his favorite people in America.

The stage for their union was set at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. How appropriate that the two would come back to Taylor’s home state of California to celebrate under the grand California redwoods. Julia looked absolutely stunning in her Pronovias gown. The second Taylor saw her walking down that lawn to him, as hard as he tried those tears fell.

How amazing is love? How amazing is the world?  Think about it…. These two were literally born on two different continents and still managed to find each other.

If you are wondering if your soul mate is out there… don’t worry. They just might be on another continent waiting for the universe to connect you to each other.   And yes, they will agree with you that “Come and Get your Love” by Redbone is the ultimate first dance song.


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When Philip e-mail me about photographing his marriage to Chris, I knew from those first few exchanges that it was a story I wanted to tell.  We bonded over emails over our mutual love of little orange cats. I remember when he sent me their proposal story on how Chris brought Philip breakfast in bed, and even their sweet orange kitty Miles hopped up to be part of the special moment.  Something that I really love when going into photographing a wedding is knowing my couple and their story. These two men know how to love one another, laugh together, and have an overwhelmingly wonderful set of family and friends who came to support them on this beautiful April day at the Mountain Terrace.

Philip and Chris, you are so wonderful I cannot really put it into words.

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Thank you so much to my beautiful friend Stephanie for second shooting this with me.

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On a beautiful day in October, I was lucky to be able to join Sarah and Michael at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. There was an incredible amount of zingers, awkward posing, and overall ridiculousness. Sarah and Michael were a couple that just got me. Understood my human. Knew when I was joking and would joke right back. They hand created a wedding that was beautifully and uniquely their’s. And ate cake. Really savage like.  I can honestly say that I have never laughed at a wedding as much as I did this day.

I brought some cameras and my brother. This is what we saw.

mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding001 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding002 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding003mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding006 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding004mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding005mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding007 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding008 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding009 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding010 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding011mountain-terrace-anthropologie-wedding002 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-wedding001mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding042mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding012 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding013 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding014 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding015 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding016 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding017mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding019mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding020 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding021 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding022 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding023 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding024mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding025 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding026 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding027 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding028 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding029 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding030 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding031mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding032 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding033 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding034mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding036 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding037 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding038 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding039 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding040 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding041 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding045 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding046mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding047 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding048 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding049 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding050 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding051 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding052 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding053 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding054 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding055mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding056 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding057 mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding058mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding043mountain-terrace-anthropologie-mountain-wedding044

There’s a lot of crazy things that can happen on every given day. Tons of last minute crisis’s. Tons of whoopsies. Loads of “Did that just happen”s. It’s a thing called life. It can surprise us, disappoint us, and amaze us all in one moment. Sometimes all in one day.

But there is something beautiful about seeing two people hold hands and hold back tears of joy while saying their vows among all this chaos that really touches me. It’s like the whole world gets silent just for them. We are all in their world for that moment. All those whoopsies, the crisis, the chaos, it’s gone. For that moment everything is still and all that matters are those hands holding and those two souls.

It’s a calm that I love being a part of. It’s a calm that fills me with a feeling I can’t explain.

I am so Thankful for those moments that I get to be a part of their calm.

Planning, Coordination, and Design : Going Lovely
Videography: Swoon Films
Venue: The Mountain Terrace in Woodside, California
Hotel: The Four Seasons Silicon Valley in East Palo Alto, California
Paper Goods: Minted
Florals : The Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb Gardens & Farmgirl Flowers
Catering: The Mountain Terrace
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals – San Francisco
Lighting: AM Party Rentals
Desserts: Heather Sanchez
Photobooth: The Magnolia Photo Booth Co.
DJ: Spintronix Entertainment
String Quartet: San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Bride’s Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier
Bride’s Shoe Designer: Jimmy Choo
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J.Crew
Flower Girl Dress: J.Crew
Groom’s Suit Designer: Barney’s Made to Measure – Isaia
Hair & Makeup : Signature Blowouts