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Upon my first skype meeting with Julie and Frank, I crossed my fingers as I hit the sign off button that they would book me. We connected on our love for animals, how much we all loved to laugh and weren’t afraid to put all the feelings out there, and how much they loved the work that I created. I knew that we understood each other and we would have an instant click when meeting,  If I had any doubt they were my kind of people in the digital chat, when they started showing me all their pets which ranged from dogs to cats to a guinea pig, I instantly lost those doubts.

These two had been together for 8 years before they tied the knot. A friend’s party brought them together, and the rest just fell into place perfectly for them. I could see while documenting their day at Domenico Winery that the love wasn’t just between them, but that their families and friends truly loved them as a couple.  Not only were Julie and Frank clapping and crying in excitement to finally become man and wife, but their family and friends were rooting them on as well.

Shane's company jewelry at a wedding by Heather Elizabeth PhotographySophia Tolli wedding dress hanging up before a wedding in San Martin, Californiacandid artistic image of a bride laughing while she gets read for her wedding day in San Martin California by Heather Elizabeth Photography Photo journalistic wedding photo of a groom reading a letter from his bride to be before his wedding in Burlingame by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyPhoto journalistic wedding photo of a groom reading a letter from his bride to be before his wedding in Burlingame by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyA bride in a Sophia Tolli dress preparing for her wedding in the Bay Area, California by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyBride in a Sophia Tolli walking to her first look moment with her groom in Burlingame, California by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyBride tapping her groom on the shoulder during their first look moment in Burlingame California by Heather Elizabeth Photographyphoto journalistic fine art portrait of a bride and groom on their wedding day in Burlingame, California by Heather Elizabeth Photography

Venue : Domenico Winery
Dj: DJ Ray Cartwright
Rings : The Shane Co.
Wedding dress : Sophia Tolli
Wedding make-up and hair : JMichelle Beauty

Talk about a Super bride. When I arrived to Jenessa’s room at the Fairmont Claremont in Berkley, I was convinced that she had a wedding designer putting together this wedding. The flowers, the Maggie Sottero dress, the incredible cathedral style veil. I was further convinced when I saw the beautiful set up at their wedding venue,  The Terrace Room overlooking Lake Merritt in Oakland.  Turns out though, Jenessa is a talented, creative force. She created all of these beautiful details herself. When I complimented the designs I remember how excited she was that I thought a professional wedding designer put it together.

She is so talented that she even made her own wedding cake! Not only was the cake grand, but it was deeply personal with sweet details. All the little details on the cake represented things that the couple loved. How creative is that?

Aside from the stunning visual aspects of the day, Jenessa and Nathaniel share a love together that was inspiring to document. Their excitement to see each other before the first look. The excitement on their faces as their said their vows to each other while the lights of Lake Merritt glowed behind them. For me it was such an experience to create art out of a couple that was truly artistic themselves.

On this chilly day, these two shared their story with me, and now I am sharing it with you.

Meeting in Rome, traveling the world together, then eloping for a winter wedding in San Francisco before another ceremony in Paris.  Lovers traveling the world together, and then making their home in Las Vegas.

I didn’t get a lot of time to get to know Alana and Rob. We scheduled their elopement and finally met for the first time on their wedding day.  Sometimes you just click with people, and you get them. Alana and Rob have this incredible connection that was beautiful to watch.  They lived in this little world together, and honored me with letting me being a part of that world long enough to document it.  The day just seemed to flow perfectly, the light, their amazing style, and their willingness to let me in.  They understood my vision and I could see they trusted me to create these images of this monumental occasion in their lives.

And I thank them dearly for that.

Love each other, and take adventures together. ~


Real wedding at the san francisco city hall by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding6plus size bride wearing a crop top wedding gown at her wedding at historic san francisco city hall by heather elizabeth photographyEditorial bride and groom portrait from their wedding at historic san francisco city hallheather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-weddin2heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding7 heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding8heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding10heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding11glamorous winter wedding at the san francisco city hall by heather elizabeth photography

A beautiful disconnect



There’s these moments I look forward to finding in my work. That disconnect. That moment that the subjects I am photographing have simply let go of the crazy, insane world around us. Not just the wedding, but just this chaos we call life. It’s a beautiful chaos, but is still chaos indeed.

But that disconnect I catch seems to silence it all. While I am not a noticed part of this little quiet place, I feel the world quiet around me as well.  Then I watch, and I observe. I observe two people letting all of each other go into the other person. Letting go peacefully, and willingly. Even the lights and sounds seem to dim around that moment… just for them. Everything else in the world becomes an echo. Nothing more than a tiny echo in the background of the moment that is happening between them.

I photograph the joys. The noise. The laughs. The really, horribly awkward. But sometimes I just can’t wait to see that beautiful disconnect happen…

mountain-terrace-fall-wedding003mountain-terrace-fall-wedding002mountain-terrace-fall-wedding001mountain-terrace-fall-wedding005 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding006 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding007 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding008 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding009 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding010mountain-terrace-fall-wedding011 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding012 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding013 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding014 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding015 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding016mountain-terrace-fall-wedding017 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding018 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding019 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding020 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding021 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding022 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding023 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding024 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding025mountain-terrace-fall-wedding026 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding027 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding028 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding029 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding030 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding031 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding032mountain-terrace-fall-wedding033 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding034 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding035 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding036 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding037 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding038 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding039 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding040 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding041 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding042 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding043 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding044 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding045 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding046 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding047 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding048 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding049 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding050 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding051 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding052 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding053 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding054mountain-terrace-fall-wedding090mountain-terrace-fall-wedding056 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding057 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding058 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding059 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding060 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding061 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding062 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding063 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding064 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding065mountain-terrace-fall-wedding066 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding067mountain-terrace-fall-wedding087 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding088mountain-terrace-fall-wedding068 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding069mountain-terrace-fall-wedding070 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding071 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding072 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding073 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding074 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding075 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding076mountain-terrace-fall-wedding089 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding077 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding078 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding079 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding080 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding081 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding082 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding083mountain-terrace-fall-wedding085 mountain-terrace-fall-wedding084

On a beautiful day in October, I was lucky to be able to join Sarah and Michael at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. There was an incredible amount of zingers, awkward posing, and overall ridiculousness. Sarah and Michael were a couple that just got me. Understood my human. Knew when I was joking and would joke right back. They hand created a wedding that was beautifully and uniquely their’s. And ate cake. Really savage like.  I can honestly say that I have never laughed at a wedding as much as I did this day.

I brought some cameras and my brother. This is what we saw.

It was a tiny, tiny wedding.

Ashlee described her wedding as I looked at her and Matt’s wedding rings. I made a comment how small they were, and she said very cutely “We are tiny people! There will be many tiny things at our wedding!”

The tiny little penguin cake toppers. Tiny honey jars for their guests. Tiny lanterns to light the table. Everything was so small and sweet. It really reflected their sweetness and kindness as a couple that I had been so lucky to get to know over the past year since they had booked me on a rainy day at Starbucks for their wedding. Their wedding had beautiful Christian music playing throughout the day – another reflection of the couple and their love of God in their life.

Ashlee and Matt – Thank you for letting me be a part of your tiny, sweet, beautiful wedding day. You are beautiful inside and out.

wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding001 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding002 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding003 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding004 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding005 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding006 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding007 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding008 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding009 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding010 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding011 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding012 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding013 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding014 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding015 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding016 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding017 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding018 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding019 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding020 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding021 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding022 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding023 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding024 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding025 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding026