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Julia and Taylor | Come and get your Love

I remember the day that Julia and I first chatted on the phone about her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Taylor.  In the first ten minutes, I felt like this woman could have been a lifelong friend. We shared the same sense of humor, the same love of laughing and the same view on weddings. She wanted to find a storyteller for her day, rather than someone who would conduct a photo shoot.

I guess she called the right girl because I am all about telling a story. 

George Strait was playing in the hotel room while the guys did their last final touches on their dapper look, drank beer and ate some pizza. The laughter and jokes made me feel right at home. These were definitely people that I could be myself around. The same feeling flooded through me when I met up with the girls in a Palo Alto AirBnb. Julia had all of her ladies come with her from England to be there for her wedding day. Taylor was from the United States and while he had been living in London for years with Julia, he made sure to keep up with his connections with all of his favorite people in America.

The stage for their union was set at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. How appropriate that the two would come back to Taylor’s home state of California to celebrate under the grand California redwoods. Julia looked absolutely stunning in her Pronovias gown. The second Taylor saw her walking down that lawn to him, as hard as he tried those tears fell.

How amazing is love? How amazing is the world?  Think about it…. These two were literally born on two different continents and still managed to find each other.

If you are wondering if your soul mate is out there… don’t worry. They just might be on another continent waiting for the universe to connect you to each other.   And yes, they will agree with you that “Come and Get your Love” by Redbone is the ultimate first dance song.


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Antoine loves Jenn.

This was documented on the internet when Jenn created their adorable wedding website herself at antoinelovesjennifer.com.

To get an idea of the kind of people that this couple is, they originally started their journey during their college years while painting the Church nursery.  They already have a mini-family started with their sweet (and quite talkative) dog Jojo. They are just one of those couples that I get to meet in my work that you are just so genuinely happy to see them blossom together.

I could easily go on about the tiny details that Jenn and Antoine put into their wedding day.  The adorable lemonade stand, the handmade cookies given as favors, their engagement photos decorating the trees at the Mountain Terrace. However, there was so much more to this day than the cute and chic design of their wedding day.

There was the pure joy in watching Jenn get so excited when her wedding dress was finally on and she was ready for go see her future husband for their first look on a roof top in Palo Alto. The excitement between Jenn and her bridesmaid Christine while breaking a lucky tiny wishbone with Jenn earlier in the day.   The sweet moment during Jenn and Antoine’s wedding ceremony when they both leaned their heads on each other, while holding hands during one of the most important moments of their lives together. While at the time people were worried about the slight drizzle coming down during the ceremony, it added something special to that moment during their intimate ceremony.

Not only does Antoine love Jenn. But Jenn Loves Antoine. And they are both so very loved by those two attended their intimate and sweet wedding in the beautiful town of Woodside, California.  Being a story teller on this day was truly a blessing.