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A year with my Barn Babies

Do you remember Nicole and Mark's country wedding?   It was at this wedding that I met the most adorable litter of buff-colored kittens. Throughout the day these kittens were little guests at the wedding reception. Sitting on shoulders. Playing with flowers. Stealing cuddles during conversations. These weren't just any ordinary barn kittens.  When the o[...]

They lived in Hawaii, but their hearts were in California. Together they planned a celebration on a real farm, with real cows, horses and farm dogs. There's no need for a wedding venue when you have access to a real barn in California's Central Valley. All you need is ribbons, sunsets, and dainty florals. And a big group of people who love each other that want to sing[...]

start of something beautiful

Brandon and Jennifer's wedding today was stunning. Just as the sun was starting to go down, everyone raced back to the reception location in order to get some quick photographs in the golden hour light. I was expecting a last minute portrait session, not allowing me to really create what I wanted to. I was very wrong.  The sky took on a whole new life in that 10[...]