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One of the many perks of my job is meeting so many other photographers that share the same love for storytelling as myself. I was able to join up with my beautiful friend Courtney to help her out on a colorful traditional Indian wedding at the Meritage Resort in Napa.

The celebration that I got to witness thanks to her was such an experience and blessing to capture.  The delightful chaos that comes with these weddings gave me such a rush. Watching the bride and groom be carried to their ceremony, and pushing myself to get the photograph was a challenge that was so fun to overcome.  Thank you so much to Courtney for letting me share some of my favorite frames from this wedding day.

bright and colorful traditional Hindu Indian wedding ceremony at the Meritage Resort in Napa by Heather Elizabeth Photography Photo journalistic coverage of a traditional Indian wedding at the Meritage Resort in Napa by Heather Elizabeth Photography A colorful traditional Indian wedding at the Meritage Resort in Napa California by Heather Elizabeth Photography Emotional wedding photography from a traditional Indian Hindu wedding at the Meritage Resort in Napa California by Heather Elizabeth Photography Indian wedding first dance photograph at a wedding at Meritage Resort in Napa by Heather Elizabeth Photography

Upon my first skype meeting with Julie and Frank, I crossed my fingers as I hit the sign off button that they would book me. We connected on our love for animals, how much we all loved to laugh and weren’t afraid to put all the feelings out there, and how much they loved the work that I created. I knew that we understood each other and we would have an instant click when meeting,  If I had any doubt they were my kind of people in the digital chat, when they started showing me all their pets which ranged from dogs to cats to a guinea pig, I instantly lost those doubts.

These two had been together for 8 years before they tied the knot. A friend’s party brought them together, and the rest just fell into place perfectly for them. I could see while documenting their day at Domenico Winery that the love wasn’t just between them, but that their families and friends truly loved them as a couple.  Not only were Julie and Frank clapping and crying in excitement to finally become man and wife, but their family and friends were rooting them on as well.

Shane's company jewelry at a wedding by Heather Elizabeth PhotographySophia Tolli wedding dress hanging up before a wedding in San Martin, Californiacandid artistic image of a bride laughing while she gets read for her wedding day in San Martin California by Heather Elizabeth Photography Photo journalistic wedding photo of a groom reading a letter from his bride to be before his wedding in Burlingame by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyPhoto journalistic wedding photo of a groom reading a letter from his bride to be before his wedding in Burlingame by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyA bride in a Sophia Tolli dress preparing for her wedding in the Bay Area, California by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyBride in a Sophia Tolli walking to her first look moment with her groom in Burlingame, California by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyBride tapping her groom on the shoulder during their first look moment in Burlingame California by Heather Elizabeth Photographyphoto journalistic fine art portrait of a bride and groom on their wedding day in Burlingame, California by Heather Elizabeth Photography

Venue : Domenico Winery
Dj: DJ Ray Cartwright
Rings : The Shane Co.
Wedding dress : Sophia Tolli
Wedding make-up and hair : JMichelle Beauty

Talk about a Super bride. When I arrived to Jenessa’s room at the Fairmont Claremont in Berkley, I was convinced that she had a wedding designer putting together this wedding. The flowers, the Maggie Sottero dress, the incredible cathedral style veil. I was further convinced when I saw the beautiful set up at their wedding venue,  The Terrace Room overlooking Lake Merritt in Oakland.  Turns out though, Jenessa is a talented, creative force. She created all of these beautiful details herself. When I complimented the designs I remember how excited she was that I thought a professional wedding designer put it together.

She is so talented that she even made her own wedding cake! Not only was the cake grand, but it was deeply personal with sweet details. All the little details on the cake represented things that the couple loved. How creative is that?

Aside from the stunning visual aspects of the day, Jenessa and Nathaniel share a love together that was inspiring to document. Their excitement to see each other before the first look. The excitement on their faces as their said their vows to each other while the lights of Lake Merritt glowed behind them. For me it was such an experience to create art out of a couple that was truly artistic themselves.

On this chilly day, these two shared their story with me, and now I am sharing it with you.

This year has been a hard one. Forget politics, but since 2016 began I have struggled. I was in an accident that caused damage to my face which I am still recovering from. Right after this very wedding all of my gear that I had been shooting on since the start of this business was stolen. My life has had illness, lost pets, lost my grandmother to cancer. I’ve battled demons, people who I thought were my friends, and the sadness from losing someone I love.

But you know what… my clients rock. My weddings rock. They lit my heart up in a way that nothing else could this year. Getting to document their stories and to receive such kindness from them all. They helped me create the art that I love while getting paid for it. They helped me really live out the American dream. They kept me going knowing that I was so damn blessed to have them and my work in my life.

Janice and Aaron are two of those people. Their simple wedding at the Dog Patch Wine Works of San Francisco was filled with just what I needed this year. Love, hugs, fun, and stories. The usually overcast and cold city lit up with the sunshine dancing through the clouds.  Through the whole booking process these two really clicked with me, and while we didn’t have an engagement session the day that I was photographing their wedding I felt like I was celebrating the wedding of two old friends.

Thank you, Janice and Aaron – for being two lights in my life during this truly trying year.

deeo blue wedding shoes at the Fairmont in San Francisco by Heather Elizabeth Photography a bride and her slinky sexy wedding dress at the Fairmont in San Francisco by Heather Elizabeth Photography 2heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding3heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding4heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding5heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding6heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding8heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding7heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding10heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding11heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding14heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding15heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding26heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding27heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding9heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding16heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding17heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding18heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding19heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding20heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding21heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding22heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding23heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding24heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding25heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding28heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding29heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding30heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding31heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding32heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding33heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding34heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding35heatherelizabeth-sanfrancisco-dogpatch-wedding

Life throws you curve balls all the time.

You can have your dreams and plans seem perfectly orchestrated, but things will still not go as planned. Sara and Lisa had been planning their wedding for a long while and booked me even was chatting with me before they were officially engaged! We clicked so well when we spent the afternoon together for their San Francisco engagement session. So of course I was stoked for October to come along so I could celebrate their big day with them.

So many things had to change on their big day, but Sara and Lisa made the best out of it and remembered what was really important : their marriage on that day. It ended up being nothing like they had planned, but it was one of the most unique wedding experiences I have ever been a part of. It was a real day long wedding celebration sight seeing in San Francisco, taking photos, and then a delicious intimate dinner back at their roof top suite of the St. Francis hotel.

I am very happy to call these two my friends now. Thank you, my two sweet friends Sara and Lisa for having me be a part of this incredible day.

heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco1heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco 2heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco 3heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco 4heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco 5heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco 6heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco7heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco 8heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco12heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco9heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco10heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco11heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco13heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco14heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco15heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco16heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco17heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco18heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco19heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco20heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco21heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco22heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco23heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco24heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco25heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco26heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco27heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco28heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco29heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco30heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco31heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco32heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco33heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco34heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco36heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco37heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco38heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco39heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco42heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco49heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco41heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco43heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco44heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco45heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco46heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco47heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco48heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco51heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco52heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco53heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco54heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco55heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco56heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco57heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco58heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco59heatherelizabeth-same-sex-wedding-st-francis-sanfrancisco

I love when a couple really makes their wedding represent the two of them. Not what they see in magazines, not what people tell them they are supposed to do, but when they really just do what they want. They make it a party that celebrates their union together.

Mindy and Oren did this with their family and friends tucked away in the woods of Santa Cruz at the beautiful Pema Osel Ling retreat.  The sun trickled in through the trees as they made their vows to each other, which was full of stories of how they first met, sweet teasing, and a lot of laughs through the entire service.

This was a big group of people that all had overwhelming love for these two. There wasn’t a feeling a stress in the air.  Rather it was overwhelming excitement that in this crazy world full of chaos that these two managed to meet each other and be opened up to the possibility of love so much that their journey led them to this little amphitheater for their wedding.

Also, people were pretty damn excited about the doughnut eating contest at the end of the night. I personally was really stoked about Mindy’s pink, striped Lezu Atelier wedding gown.

Thank you so much to Mindy and Oren for inviting me to their little camping trip in the woods. And thank you to my dear friend Stephanie for shooting this with me.


 Pema Osel Ling wedding by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyLezu Atelier Bridal gown at Pema Osel Ling wedding by Heather Elizabeth Photography2heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-weddingCamping themed wedding invites at Pema Osel Ling by Heather Elizabeth Photographycamping themed wedding programs at Pema Osel Ling by Heather Elizabeth PhotographyGroomsmen walking to a wedding at Pema Osel Ling by Heather Elizabeth Photography6heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding7heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding8heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding14heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding10heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding9heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding13heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding12heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding15heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding16heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding17heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding18heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding19heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding20heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding21heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding22heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding23heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding24heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding25heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding29heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding26heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding27heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding28heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding30heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding31heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding32heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding33heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding34heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding38heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding36heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding37heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding39heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding40heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding41heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding42heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding43heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding44heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding45heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding46heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding47heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding48heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding49heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding50heatherelizabeth-pema-osel-ling-wedding

Good people attract good people. If you find those people in your life that down to their core are filled with sweetness, you will be lucky to know them and to know people in their circle. I was lucky enough years ago to photograph Jen and Antoine’s wedding. So when Joey and Esther contacted me about photographing their big day with the referral from Jen and Antoine, I crossed my fingers tightly that they would choose me as their wedding photographer.  Lucky for all of us, they chose me to document their sweet celebration at the Wildwood Acres Resort.

And to top of such a wonderful day? It was finished up with some delicious cookies from Antoine’s cookie shop! Delicious!!

1heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 2heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 3heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 4heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 5heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 6heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 7heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding8heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 9heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 10heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding14heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 15heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 16heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding17heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding18heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 19heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 20heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 21heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 22heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 23heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 24heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 25heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 26heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 27heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 28heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 29heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding30heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 31heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 32heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 33heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 34heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 35heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 36heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 37heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 38heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 39heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 40heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 41heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 42heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 43heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding44heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 45heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 46heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 47heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding48heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 49heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 50heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding 51heatherelizabeth-wildwood-acre-resort-wedding