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Old Sugar Mill Wedding I have this penchant for dirty, aged, old and broken things. I want things antique to a point where they are slightly decaying. I am just a weirdo like that I suppose. So when Kelli and Matt asked me to photograph their wedding at the Old Sugar Mill, I felt like my dreams collided. A beautiful bride and groom in an old, dirty Sugar Mill? Yes pl[...]

McMenamins Edgefield Wedding Oregon There was a few really awesome things about Don and Christine's wedding for me. First of all, they invited me to come photograph it all the way in Portland, Oregon at the stunning McMenamins Edgefield.  Like.. how amazing is the Pacific Northwest? The venue was so beautiful with it's unique murals painted among the beautiful wal[...]

Weddings are meant to celebrate the couple. Nicole and David knew this when they decided to plan their wedding at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. They planned a stunning wedding based on their love of the classic story of The Princess Bride. Originally I was so confused yet excited when they originally contacted me about their wedding - b[...]