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Weddings are meant to celebrate the couple. Nicole and David knew this when they decided to plan their wedding at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. They planned a stunning wedding based on their love of the classic story of The Princess Bride. Originally I was so confused yet excited when they originally contacted me about their wedding – but when I showed up on the Thursday afternoon to the mountain… it all made sense. And it was all completely them.  I am happy to not only call these two clients, but now friends. They hold an incredibly special place in my heart.

Thank you so much to Off Beat Bride for featuring this one of a kind wedding.

Love requires taking a chance. Love requires not just putting your feet in the water, but to give yourself fully and just fall in.  Love requires letting go of the past to look to the big picture and the future.

Love takes sacrifice and throwing your fears aside. The people I photograph worked for their love.  They are inspiring.


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This wedding was so incredibly dear to me.  It’s seriously something special when a couple adores your work so much they want to fly you clear across the country to share in their special day. Sean and Susanna were married at the stunning St. Peter’s church and truly all they really cared about during the day was their union, and getting to their honeymoon, and getting great photos while doing it. It wasn’t about the flowers. It wasn’t about the cake. Or the standard rituals. It was about the start of their life together.

Thank you so much Sean and Susanna. You two rock so very hard.