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She is a blessing

"Then God made a woman fall for a man Didn't have much going, but his life began when she took his hand The sky turned blue, the clouds parted, light shined on a lonely heart When God made a woman Never gave him a reason to bless me at all And I still can't believe that an angel would fall For a guy like me, guess he sees who needs saving Every night I hit my[...]

All of you cynics are right. Love isn’t perfect. Love isn’t some fairy tale that you meet Prince Charming and he whisks you off on the white horse. It just isn’t real. Real Love is so much better than that. Real love comes at you when you might just not be ready for each other. Through that love together you are going to fight. You are going to break each other’s he[...]

I’ll name the Dogs

Dear internet readers, I must confess - I am not a fan of Blake Shelton.  However, I cannot help but adore that new little diddy playing on the radio.  I also cannot help but adore venues like The Mountain Terrace that allow furry friends to join in on some wedding celebrations.   "Girl, it's high time, I tell ya No more messin' around Time to lay these [...]

2017 weddings are a WRAP

Dear 2017 You showed me that I am still capable of having a passion for creating art. You showed me that you get what you give in life. You showed me the incredible people who I have been waiting my whole life to have in my circle. You showed me happiness comes from my heart, and that happiness translates into every other part of my life. You showed me that[...]

Megan + Jay | Love Each other Hard

When I have a wedding party that is a large size who also happen to adore the bride and groom, it just overwhelms me at joy from the first moment I start shooting. No awkward introductions to anyone. I am able to just walk into the Men's locker room where the guys are getting ready and introduce myself and they automatically treat me like I am part of the group. The F[...]

What a beautiful world we live in that through patience, all of our mistakes, triumphs, and embarrassments would lead up to this. Becoming the person that you were meant to be And while you were on this journey becoming your fullest self, there was someone out there perfect for you going through their life's journey to become their fullest selves for you. Then whether[...]

I am not going to go into detail how my heart got broken recently. All that you need to know to hear this story is that it was and I cried until I didn't have any more tears to cry. But tomorrow was my friend's wedding. We had been talking about this day so excitedly since I heard she was proposed to. Actually, we had been talking about this day since she had me[...]

Already reflecting on 2017

I have so much excitement I almost cannot contain it. So many creative ideas flooding my head lately. Plans on how to make a wedding photography experience with me be one of love and happiness.  I don't want to merely give my couples pretty photographs. I want to give them an incredible experience having their wedding story photographed. In my work, I try not to co[...]