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There's truly no rules in weddings. Sure the wedding blogs and magazines tell you there are certain fashions, rituals, and songs that need to take place on your big day. You can choose to go with it, or choose what feels good to you. What really represents the two of you as a couple? Chelsea and Evan really thought about this concept when they started planning thei[...]

Find a person that you can travel the whole world with. After the end when you see how much more you love them now, marry them that instant. Nathalie and Nikita traveled all over the world together. They lived in Russia, but had dreams of getting married on the beautiful California Coast in Big Sur on the anniversary of them getting together. Rather than the cold w[...]

When Philip e-mail me about photographing his marriage to Chris, I knew from those first few exchanges that it was a story I wanted to tell.  We bonded over emails over our mutual love of little orange cats. I remember when he sent me their proposal story on how Chris brought Philip breakfast in bed, and even their sweet orange kitty Miles hopped up to be part of the [...]

This story starts off with a rainy day in Sebastpol, California. I never get rain during my fall weddings, but on this fall day the clouds slowly creeped in, and the drops of rain fell. A lot of drops of rain. Tarps were put up, umbrellas were brought out, and preparation for a wet wedding day in the Vineyard were made. Rain on a wedding day always worries me quite[...]