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Find a person that you can travel the whole world with. After the end when you see how much more you love them now, marry them that instant.

Nathalie and Nikita traveled all over the world together. They lived in Russia, but had dreams of getting married on the beautiful California Coast in Big Sur on the anniversary of them getting together. Rather than the cold weather of Russia, they stood in the sunset of the California coast for their intimate elopement.  Just them, myself, and Kandace who was a rock star assisting me that day. It was my first time not only photographing a ceremony, but officiating it while I photographed.  Clearly I am a good multi-tasker.

Pretty lucky to be able to have had this experience in my life with these two. Enjoy the picture show.


bride from Russia writing down her vows for her big sur California coast elopement by Heather Elizabeth Photography 2heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopementbedroom couples boudoir photos because an elopement in Big Sur on the california coast by heather elizabeth photography4heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement5heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement6heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement7heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement9heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement10heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement8heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement11heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement12heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement13heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement15heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement16heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement17heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement18heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement19heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement20heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement21heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement22heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement23heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement24heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement28heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement25heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement27heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement26heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement29heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement30heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement31heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement32heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement33heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement34heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement36heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement37heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement38heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement39heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement40heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement43heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement41heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement42heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement44heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement45heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement46heather-elizabeth-big-sur-russian-elopement

Meeting in Rome, traveling the world together, then eloping for a winter wedding in San Francisco before another ceremony in Paris.  Lovers traveling the world together, and then making their home in Las Vegas.

I didn’t get a lot of time to get to know Alana and Rob. We scheduled their elopement and finally met for the first time on their wedding day.  Sometimes you just click with people, and you get them. Alana and Rob have this incredible connection that was beautiful to watch.  They lived in this little world together, and honored me with letting me being a part of that world long enough to document it.  The day just seemed to flow perfectly, the light, their amazing style, and their willingness to let me in.  They understood my vision and I could see they trusted me to create these images of this monumental occasion in their lives.

And I thank them dearly for that.

Love each other, and take adventures together. ~


Real wedding at the san francisco city hall by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding6plus size bride wearing a crop top wedding gown at her wedding at historic san francisco city hall by heather elizabeth photographyEditorial bride and groom portrait from their wedding at historic san francisco city hallheather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-weddin2heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding7 heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding8heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding10heather-elizabeth-sanfrancisco-winter-wedding11glamorous winter wedding at the san francisco city hall by heather elizabeth photography

From Russia, to San Diego, to Las Vegas, to New York. Dmitry and Yulia loved to travel. In fact, travel was such an important part of their life they decided that the best way for them to get married was for a road trip around the West Coast, stopping in Yosemite to Elope in the mountains. I watched as Yulia frolicked through the long grass, so excited to marry her love.

I went on this adventure with them through the mountains of Yosemite, and then to a sunset ceremony at the Pines Resort in Bass Lake.

Love is love
Love is beyond
Beyond all creation
Beyond all destruction
Beyond all maintenance
Love is love and it is pure
It is unalloyed in common parlance.

See love live love sleep love eat love
Walk love run love and also
Taking birth in love and also
Die in love die for love die of love
Love love love love love love
Love is life and life is for love
Without love there is nothing within and without.

Blessing is love, associating is love
Ethics morality philosophy is love
And love is Yours talking Yours hearing
And Yours smiling Your fighting Yours sitting
Your pastimes and everything and everything
Is love love love love love love love.

Life is the extension of love, My dear
Live life with love and love has no duality
My dear, live a life of love and You are the love
Here there everywhere here there everywhere.

-Gajanan Mishra


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Love makes you do things. Crazy, crazy things.

  • It makes you travel an ocean to celebrate your dedication to each other.
  • It makes you double check the flower decor hanging down the aisle because you know the other people will be paying attention to detail.
  • It makes you pick your outfit based on whether that other person will like it on your or not.
  • It makes you heart melt thinking of her when watching Jack asking Sally if he can take a seat next to her in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • It makes that silent, quiet moment in their arms at the end of the day your favorite moment of that day.
  • It makes you surprise that other person with a cable car ride just for the two of you to show you the sights of San Francisco together.
  • It makes you carry her heels when her feet are hurting.
  • It gives you the ability to know the precise time that a tear will come down her cheek so you can gently wipe it away.

Karen and Victoria traveled from their home together in England, and were married at the Swedenborgian church. Just them, the officiant, and myself with my camera. I even got to write my name down in the registry for attending their ceremony. They showed me how wonderful it can be when love happens with the right person. They showed me how one person can be totally perfect for another person. Love can make you do amazing, outrageous, sometimes stupid, and wonderful things.

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